De Koning

Website and rebranding

This is a project with an emotional component. A family business that has been a distinguished company since 1969 in The Hague. My father, mother, cousin, uncle and a very good friend are working here. In times of crisis, construction work was not an easy task. Hence, with rebranding, we wanted to promote our unique selling points.

This project started with Peter Marco Wendrich (employee of de Koning) and Bruno van Elshout (Writer and Photographer). Together, we have made a plan to change the look and feel. After building the website, the conversion rate has risen to 50%.

Section No. 1

Core values

By compiling core values, you can make better designs for websites. Together with the client and writer/photographer we have determined the following core values.

Core values:

  • Personal
  • Handmade (craftsmanship)
  • Friendliness
Section No. 2

Branding / Redesign

With the help of mockups we have been able to place the information structure of the website. We have tested the mockup with some of there clients. After a view adjustments the high fidelity design was made with Photoshop.

Section No. 3

Webdesign / SEO

The design of it has been transformed into a WordPress template, featuring responsiveness and the associated interactive elements.

A website should not only work smoothly but also be searchable. With good SEO, Timmerfabriek and aannemerij de Koning is found with 4 searches on page 1 in Google!

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