Website and Rebranding

This is a project that came from one of my first clients: ‘Armada Reinigingssystemen’. He recommended me to Gelecon because they work in the same field and could use a serious rebranding.

Gelecon is one of the biggest companies in the cleaning industry (Netherlands). So I felt really honored working of such a big project.


  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Presentations
  • Webshop adjustments
  • Databases
Section No. 1

Core values

By compiling core values, you can make better designs for websites. Together with the client and friends we have determined the following core values.

Core values:

    • Formal, with a personal touchpoint
    • Low key
Section No. 2


The logo stayed intact. When I was looking at the competition I saw the color blue come quite often. That’s why yellow, gray, black and white became the base for a beautiful color scheme.

Section No. 3


The design of it has been transformed into a WordPress template, featuring responsiveness and the associated interactive elements.

Moelai is very enthusiastic providing content, writing blogs and taking initiative. No doubt Gelecon will succeed in there business.

Check the website