StartMeUp app

A Hackathon project

This project was made in one day during a Hackathon at ABN AMRO. The idea was an app for people who would like to start a startup. Based on their location and preference for the kind of business they could see a sneak peak of the transaction data in that area. When interested they could get in contact with an expert to get the proper loan.



The Hackathon was called Risk Moonshot. So a rocket symbolizing a proper start was a good symbol for the app and target group.


Choose your branche

On this screen the user can select their branch they would like to start. Based on their choice we know what kind of data they would like to see.


Select your location

Our persona was Bianca and she would like to choose a hospitality business. So she chose that in the screen before. Now she has to select the zip code of the business she would like to start.


Identify transaction data of customers in area

Based on Bianca’s input we will provide her the information of the transaction data in that area. Within which hours people buy the most, their demographical data and personal budget. Really helpful information for a startup!


Connect with your expert

Bianca can determine if the information is relevant for her. After that we link her with an expert. This adds credibility for the persona. Starting a startup is risky and costs money so talking to a person can make her more confident.

Hackathon video

A small impression