Alex Cuisine

Website and Branding

This is a project that came from a friend of mine. Alex, a young enthusiastic chef wanted to start on his own and experience freelancership with good food with a personal touch. That’s why he started Alex Cuisine. His core values are Private Dining and BBQ’s.

This project started with a great dinner at Alex place among with friends. I’ve experienced how it is to prepare good food. Actually I like to cook too ;). That day we’ve made some photo’s that you can see throughout the website.

Section No. 1

Core values

By compiling core values, you can make better designs for websites. Together with the client and friends we have determined the following core values.

Core values:

  • Personal
  • Handmade (craftsmanship)
  • Delicious photography¬†
Section No. 2


The logo of Alex Cuisine had to be simple, recognizable and food related. Thats why I’ve designed cutlery as the letter X in Alex Cuisine. On the i I’ve adjusted subtle flames representing the BBQ side of Alex his core value.

Section No. 3


The design of it has been transformed into a WordPress template, featuring responsiveness and the associated interactive elements.

The website turned out great. Alex is very enthusiastic providing content, writing blogs and taking great food pictures. No doubt he will succeed in his business.

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